Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is concerned with analysing a person’s existing circumstances and making a set of recommendations to protect and improve these circumstances. A very important part of Financial Planning is therefore to look to the future to try to plan effectively to meet future financial liabilities and to provide future financial goals.

Do you know?

  1. How to maximise your savings?
  2. When was the last time you genuinely did a comprehensive financial review?
  3. How confident are you that you have the most appropriate financial products at the best market price?
  4. How much will you get paid by your employer in the event of an illness or accident?
  5. Have you thought about the financial consequences of a serious illness, long-term illness or premature death?
  6. How confident are you that you/your family are sufficiently protected?
  7. Would your family cope financially in the event of your premature death?
  8. What will your weekly pension be on retirement?

Budgeting Service

At Long Financial, we will sit down with you and discuss your present income, expenditure and savings against your future income, expenditure and savings.

We will look at areas such as insurance, savings and pensions and other ways that you can maximise your earning potential and protect you and your family. We will assist/advise you on operating your bank accounts in a more efficient manner, which will reduce stress.

Future Financial Planning

Financial Planning is essential in order to assess your current and desired financial position. You should have a “financial health check” at least once a year and in particular after significant life events i.e getting married, starting a family, starting your own business etc.


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