Income Protection

If asked what your most valuable asset is, you would probably say your house, but when you think about it, your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income.
If something happens your income, what pays your mortgage, car loan, bills, groceries etc.  It makes sense then to protect your income.  By protecting your income you are ensuring that should you be unable to work for a period of time, there is something there to pay the bills.
Income Protection can cover up to 75% of your normal income (less disability benefit if eligible), and covers any injury, illness or accident. The policy benefits can be tailored to work alongside your current employer sick pay benefits.

For example, if your employer pays for your first three months of long term illness, we can tailor an income protection policy to ‘kick-in’ straight after this period. Cover can last up until age 65.
As part of your financial planning strategy, income protection is important as it pays the bills when you can’t.

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Why choose Income Protection?

Have you thought about how you would cope financially if you got sick, injured and couldn't work.

Almost three in four claims paid out last year were for "living benefits"-such as regular income payments for people who could not work due to illness, or lump-sum payments for specified illnesses such...

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