Why choose Income Protection?

Have you thought about how you would cope financially if you got sick, injured and couldn't work.

Almost three in four claims paid out last year were for "living benefits"-such as regular income payments for people who could not work due to illness, or lump-sum payments for specified illnesses such as malignant cancers.

Income protection pays an income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury but not if you are unemployed. For all protection policies, you must keep up your payments in order to remain covered
Income Protection is available to those working more than 16 hours per week in paid employment or the self-employed. Even if you make a claim and then go back to work, you're still covered in case you ever need it again.

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference when it comes to Income Protection Cover.
The features and valuable optional benefits of your policy make the difference between cover that’s fine, and cover that’s really excellent. Ideally you want a competitively priced policy with market leading features and optional benefits, from an established company who pays out claims as they should, when they should.

With our cover, you'll enjoy a range of additional benefits:

• Stay covered for longer – income protection cover offers cover up to age 70
• Terminal Illness Benefit – Income Protection payments start immediately at the date of diagnosis.* 
• Choose your Deferred Periods – We offer the widest choice of Deferred Periods ranging from four to 52 weeks. 
• Split Deferred Benefit – For even more flexibility, we’re the only company that allows you two Deferred Periods within a single policy. 
• Back-to-work Benefit – Our cover provides you with market-leading financial support for your first three months back at full-time work following a claim of more than one year. 
• Indexation Option – This option increases your cover by fixed amount each year in return for an agreed increase in your premiums.